How To React Following A Richmond DUI Arrest

The steps you take following a DUI arrest are crucial to the outcome of your case. DUI cases are complicated and often involve very complex elements. Far too many individuals fail to recognize their rights in a DUI case, and they plead guilty or accept plea agreements that are not fair. Drivers who have been arrested for a DUI in Richmond should take into consideration the following three suggestions after a DUI arrest.

1. Exercise your right to remain silent

Police officers will often ask you questions to obtain information that can be used against you in court. The rules of evidence allow statements you make to be offered as evidence against you, even if you choose not to testify in court. Police officers will often ask you how much you had to drink, what you drank, as well as other questions in their investigation. You have the constitutional right to refuse to answer certain questions and should do so to avoid volunteering information that can be used by the prosecution.

2. Plead not guilty

At some point following your arrest, you will be advised of your rights and given the opportunity to enter a plea. Even if you believe you are guilty of a DUI, plead not guilty so you will have time to visit with and attorney and review your rights. Many persons plead guilty immediately and do not realize the extent of rights they give up by pleading guilty.

3. Contact a Richmond DUI attorney

As soon as possible after your DUI arrest, contact a Richmond DUI attorney. An experienced DUI can review your case and identify potential defenses. Sometimes police commit errors in their investigation. These can be raised by an attorney and may result in the exclusion of certain evidence or even dismissal of your charges. A DUI attorney will make sure you understand your rights. In some cases, they will negotiate with the prosecution to arrange a fair and appropriate plea agreement. Throughout the court process, a DUI attorney will represent you in court and advocate for your rights.

The Law Office of David A.C. Long has experience representing those charged with DUIs in Richmond and the surrounding area. They will work diligently to represent you in your case and will make sure your rights are protected. Call the Law Office of David A.C. Long to schedule a consultation.