California Motor Vehicle Accidents

There was 156,909 injury collision in California during 2013 according to the California Highway Patrol.  Their 2013 Annual Report of fatal and injury traffic collisions is a stark reminder of how many lives are affected each year by motor vehicle accidents.  Some additional statistics from the report include:

  • 3,104 Individuals Killed (1,597 drivers, 591 passengers, 752 pedestrians and 164 bicyclists)
  • 223,128 Individuals Injured
  • 2,853 Fatal Collisions

According to the report, a fatal or injury traffic collision was reported every 3 minutes and 17 seconds somewhere in California!  On average, one person was killed every 2 hours and 5 minutes, and one person injured every 2 minutes and 21 seconds as a result of a traffic collision.  For each person killed there were 72 individuals injured according to the CHP data.

Motorcycle accidents resulted in 463 deaths and 11,946 individuals injured in 2013.  According to the CHP 65.7% of motorcycle drivers were at fault in fatal collisions.

These are sobering statistics from the California Highway Patrol and reminds us that traffic accidents occur frequently in California and can have devastating consequences.  Many people do not know where to turn if they or a loved one are involved in a serious accident.  An experienced California personal injury attorney should be contacted as soon as possible after an accident to ensure the best possible outcome after an accident.

Below are a few links to helpful online resources if you’ve been involved in a California accident: