Car wash and detailing are two industries that are expected to grow in the next years. While the pandemic may still be wreaking havoc on economies globally, the number of car owners continues to climb.

This article casts a focus on the car wash industry for anyone interested in studying car wash statistics. Continue reading to learn more.

Statistics and trends in the car wash industry

1. The vehicle wash sector is booming.

Since 2012, a growing number of people have considered hiring a professional car wash. According to the International Carwash Association, less than 28.4 percent of consumers prefer to wash their vehicles at home, down from 48 percent in 1996.

2. The vehicle wash industry is estimated to be valued more than $33 billion.

The car wash industry’s global net worth was projected to be $33 billion in 2018. Between 2019 and 2025, the number is predicted to grow at a rate of 3.2 percent. The increase is mostly attributable to the growing number of vehicle owners, hectic schedules, and increased purchasing power.

3. North America is the largest market for vehicle washes.

North America led the world in terms of vehicle washes in 2018. As more people choose automatic vehicle wash services, this trend is projected to continue.

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4. The United States accounts for around 43% of the worldwide car wash industry’s net worth.

The United States is the largest contributor to the car wash business. This region accounts for more than 43% of total revenue and is considered the most mature market for car wash solutions. It’s not only about money; car businesses are also looking at auto detailing software solutions to optimize processes.

5. There are approximately 60,000 car wash locations in the United States.

According to a survey by First Research, the United States has more than 60,000 car wash locations that generate upwards of $5.8 billion in annual revenue. Mister Car Wash (Tucson), Wash Depot Holdings (Malden), Zips Car Wash (Little Rock), and International Car Wash Group are just a few of the major car wash operators (Centennial).

6. It takes around 38 gallons of water to wash a single automobile.

Each time a single car is washed, 38 gallons (148 liters) of water is utilized. Every day, millions of cars are washed, consuming 304 million gallons of water globally. As you can think, this is regarded as an environmental threat, prompting a push for green vehicle wash alternatives.

7. The most popular option is an in-bay automatic car wash.

There are numerous ways to wash a car. However, studies indicate that 51% of automobile owners choose in-bay automatics for their convenience in terms of washing and drying. Self-service comes in second place, with around 32% of automobile owners preferring it.

8. The winter season is the busiest time of year for car washers.

Surprisingly, research suggest that 32% of auto owners wash their vehicles during the winter. This is largely due to road salt. Spring and Summer follow closely behind with 25% each, while Fall only accounts for 18% of minor car wash activity.

9. The average American washes their automobile approximately 13 times a year.

According to car wash water statistics, around 66% of Americans wash their automobiles approximately 13 times per year. This equates to one or two washes per month on average.

10. The majority of car wash locations double as fuel distributors.

Around 65 percent of car wash locations also operate as fueling stations. This combination is the most effective technique for business owners to increase revenue.

90% of vehicle wash facilities are owned by small business owners. As such, it is one of the most straightforward business concepts to implement.

11. Annual revenue for American vehicle dealers with wash facilities is around $27,735

According to research conducted by Mobile Tech RX and data gathered from Indeed, the majority of American car dealerships earn an average annual compensation of $27,735 per year. Maryland is first with an average hourly wage of $15.92, which equates to a total of $95,275 a year.

12. Revenue from car wash machines to exceed $3.18 billion by 2025

As people’s purchasing power improves, many are likely to purchase vehicles, accelerating the growth of car wash systems. By 2025, the market for vehicle wash equipment is expected to reach $3.18 billion. Currently, the market is likely to experience a modest decline as a result of Covid 19.

13. The car wash sector is one of the few that is not dominated by a few large players.

According to IBIS World research, the vehicle wash business lacks large players with a market share greater than 5%.

14. The car wash industry primarily offers six distinct types of washes.

Several popular types of car washes include self-service bays, detailing services, in-bay automatic wash stations, hand washing stations, exterior only clean stations, and full service clean stations (conveyor car wash).